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Biografi Pangeran Diponegoro Versi bahasa Inggris (Biography of Prince Diponegoro English version )

Biodata Biography and Profiles. Blog place known figures and famous people in the world. to increase our knowledge of science is also motivated to take the Positive side of a world figure of Prince Diponegoro biography
Surely we are not familiar with this one hero Prince Diponegoro (born in Yogyakarta, 11 November 1785 - died in Makassar, South Sulawesi, January 8, 1855 at the age of 69 years) His grave is located in Makassar.
Diponegoro was the eldest son Hamengkubuwana III, a king of Mataram, Yogyakarta. Born on 11 November 1785 in Yogyakarta from a garwa ampeyan (concubine) named RA Mangkarawati, namely a garwa ampeyan (non empress wife) derived from Pacitan. Diponegoro small Bendoro named Raden Mas Ontowiryo.
And Than following is a piece of the story of the prince Diponegoro Life
Realizing his position as the son of a concubine, Diponegoro resist the desire of his father, Sultan Hamengkubuwana III, to promote him to the king. He refused to remember his mother is not the empress. Diponegoro had 3 wives, namely: Bendara Raden Ayu Antawirya, Raden Ayu Ratnaningsih, and Raden Ayu Ratnaningrum.
Diponegoro more interested in religious life and populist that he would rather stay in great-grandparent Tegalrejo shelter his daughter, Queen consort of HB I Ageng Tegalrejo than in court. Rebellion against the leadership of the palace began Hamengkubuwana V (1822) where Diponegoro become a member of the trust that accompanies Hamengkubuwana V 3-year-old, while the day-to-day administration held by the duke of Danurejo with Dutch resident. How the trust as it was not approved Diponegoro.
For a history of the struggle Diponegoro Inspirations please scrutiny may be new for you to learn all about the history of the hero Diponegoro
History of Prince Diponegoro's struggleDiponegoro War began when the Dutch put stakes in the ground in the village owned Diponegoro Tegalrejo. At that time, he was already fed up with the behavior of the Dutch who do not respect the local customs and is exploiting the people with taxation.
Diponegoro attitude against the Netherlands in the open, get sympathy and support of the people. At the suggestion of Prince Mangkubumi, uncle, Diponegoro away from Tegalrejo, and made headquarters in a cave called Goa Selarong. At that time, Diponegoro stated that his opposition is sabil war, the resistance faced infidels. Spirit "sabil war" waged Diponegoro vast influence to the region and Kedu Pacitan. One of the religious leaders in Surakarta, Kyai Maja, joined forces in Goa Selarong Diponegoro.
During this war the Dutch loss of no less than 15,000 soldiers and 20 million guilders. Various ways continued effort to catch Diponegoro Netherlands. Even the contest was used. Gulden 50,000 prize awarded to anyone who can catch Diponegoro. Until finally Diponegoro was arrested in 1830.
Arrest and exileFebruary 16, 1830 Prince Diponegoro and Colonel Cleerens Remo met Kamal, Bagelen (now go Purworejo region). Cleerens Kanjeng proposed that the Prince and his followers dwelt first in Menoreh while awaiting the arrival of Lieutenant-Governor-General Mark de Kock of Batavia.
March 28, 1830 Diponegoro met General de Kock in Magelang. De Kock forced to hold talks and urged the Diponegoro in order to stop the war. The request was denied Diponegoro. But the Netherlands has set up an ambush carefully. The day was also Diponegoro was arrested and exiled to Ungaran, then brought to the Residency Building Semarang and Batavia directly to a ship Pollux on April 5.
11 April 1830 arrived at Batavia and imprisoned in Stadhuis (now building Fatahillah Museum). Pending completion of the Governor-General Van den Bosch. 30 April 1830 the decision came out. Prince Diponegoro, Raden Ayu Retnaningsih, Hero Diposono and wife, and the followers of other such Mertoleksono, Bull Planthopper and Nyai Sotaruno be banished to Manado. dated May 3, 1830 Diponegoro and his entourage departed by ship Pollux to Manado and imprisoned in the fort Amsterdam.
1834 moved to the fort Rotterdam in Makassar, South Sulawesi. on January 8, 1855 Diponegoro died and was buried in the village of Java Makassar. In the struggle, aided by his son Prince Diponegoro named Good Singlon or Ki Sodewo. Ki Sodewo make war in the region and Bagelen Kulonprogo.

Good Singlon or Ki is the son of Prince Diponegoro Sodewo with Raden Ayu Citrowati Princess Regent Madison Raden Ronggo. Raden Ayu Citrowati is the brother of the father of another mother with Sentot Prawiro Dirjo. Name Raden Mas Singlon or Good Singlon or Ki Sodewo snediri been included in the list issued by genealogy Tepas Blood Dalem Yogyakarta Palace.
Struggle Ki Sodewo to accompany his father to death based resentment eyangnya (Ronggo) and his mother when Raden Ronggo forced to give up due to the Dutch rebellion. Through the hands of the prince of Mataram which is controlled by Patih Danurejo, then Raden Ronggo be conquered. Ki Sodewo small and Sentot with family Madiun district then submitted to Sultan as evidence the success of the raid.
Ki Sodewo a baby and then taken by Prince Diponegoro then left with his friend named Ki Tembi. Ki Tembi then take it away and always move where that existence is wafted by the Dutch. Dutch themselves at that time hated the kid down Raden Ronggo always known as an opponent of the Netherlands. The behest of Prince Diponegoro, the baby is given a name that means Singlon disguise.
Descendants Ki Sodewo currently living in the former many pockets Ki Sodewo struggle at that time with a wide range of professions. With the blessing of the elders and descendants to 7 led by Prince Diponegoro, Raden Roni Muryanto, Descendants Ki Sodewo form an association with the name Sodewo Breeds Association. At least Prince Diponegoro had 17 sons and 5 daughters, all of whom are now living throughout Indonesia, including Java, Sulawesi and Maluku.

Background Diponegoro WarDiponegoro War (UK: The Java War, Netherlands: De Java Oorlog), is a large and comprehensive war lasted for five years (1825-1830) that occurred in Java, Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia), the Dutch colonial army under the command of General De Kock [1] against the indigenous population led by a prince named Prince Diponegoro Yogyakarta. In this war victims have fallen slightly. Both victims of property or life. The documents cited Dutch historians, mentioned that around 200,000 people are torn soul. Meanwhile in the Dutch soldiers, casualties totaled 8,000.
Diponegoro War was one of the greatest battles ever experienced by the Dutch during colonized the archipelago. This war involves all areas of Java, then it is called this war as the Java War. After his defeat in the Napoleonic Wars in Europe, the Dutch government who are in economic trouble trying to cover their cash gaps by imposing various taxes on its colonies, including the Dutch East Indies. In addition, they also held a monopoly business and trade in order to maximize profits. Taxes and monopolistic practices are very suffocating the people of Indonesia who was then already suffering.
To further strengthen the power and economy, the Dutch began to try to control the other kingdoms in the archipelago, one of whom is the kingdom of Yogyakarta. When the lane IV died, his nephew, lane V 3-year-old, became the ruler. But in practice, the royal government implemented by Patih Danuredjo, someone who is easily influenced and subject to the Dutch. The Netherlands is considered lift someone who is not in accordance with the selection / peoples palace.
In mid-May 1825, the Dutch government initially ordered the construction of the road from Yogyakarta to Magelang through Muntilan, changed his plans and divert it past the Tegalrejo. Apparently in one sector, the Dutch right across the graves of the ancestors of Prince Diponegoro. This makes Prince Diponegoro offended and decided to take up arms against the Dutch. He then ordered his men to pull out stakes through the tomb.
Dutch have reason to arrest Diponegoro as assessed have rebelled, on July 20, 1825 surrounded the residence of his. Pressed, the Prince and his family and his troops fled to the west to the Village Dekso Kulonprogo district, and continue to the south to arrive in Goa Selarong located five kilometers west of the City of Bantul. Meanwhile, the Dutch, who did not catch Prince Diponegoro-burn down the residence of the Prince.
Prince Diponegoro then makes Goa Selarong, a cave located in the hamlet Kentolan Lor, Guwosari Displays Bantul, as its base. Prince occupies the west of the cave called Goa Kakung, which also became his hermitage. While Raden Ayu Retnaningsih (most faithful concubine accompany the Prince after his wife died two) and entourage occupy Goa Putri in the east.
After the attack, began a war that would last 5 years. Under the leadership of Diponegoro, indigenous peoples are united in the spirit of "Sadumuk bathuk, sanyari earth ditohi press starch"; a finger an inch of soil chief defended to the death. During the war, 15 of 19 prince Diponegoro join. The struggle Diponegoro assisted Kyai Maja who is also the spiritual leader of the rebellion.

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