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Biografi Kapitan Pattimura Versi Bahasa Inggris ( Biography Kapitan Pattimura English Version )

Thank you hopefully biography Biography and Profiles. Benefit for you to get to know more of the world leaders, Pattimura, real name Thomas Matulessy (born in Hualoy, Hualoy, South Ceram, Maluku, June 8, 1783 - died in Ambon, Maluku, December 16, 1817 at the age of 34 years) . He was the son of Frank Matulesi with Fransina Silahoi. As for the government's version Pattimura biography was first published, M Sapija wrote, "That the noble hero Pattimura classified as derivatives and from Nusa Ina (Seram). Dad named Antoni Mattulessy he was the son of Kasimiliali Pattimura Mattulessy. The latter is the son of Sahulau king. Sahulau is the name of the country that is located in a bay in the South Seram ".
From the history of the written Pattimura M Sapija, his lieutenant was giving the Netherlands. They are not. According to historian Mansyur Suryanegara, ancestor of this nation, from the point of history and anthropology, is homo religiosa (being religious). Their belief in something beyond the power of their minds, give rise to interpretations that are difficult to digest modern ratio. Therefore, their social behavior is controlled natural forces that they fear.
Their souls are united with the forces of nature, magic-magic special a person. Miracle was later accepted as a noble and sacred event. If he sticks to a person, that person is a symbol of their strength. He is considered a leader has charisma. The properties were attached and proceeds down through the generations. Although then they have embraced, but the genealogical / lineage / descent is an instance leader or lieutenant. From this fact as "lieutenant" inherent in Pattimura it began.
Before you take the fight to the VOC he had a career in the military as a former British army sergeant. The word "Moluccas" comes from the Arabic Al-Malik Al-Mulk or meaning Land of Kings. remember at that time the number of royal
In 1816 the British handed over power to the Dutch and later the Dutch menetrapkan monopoly policy, a tax on land (landrente), displacement of population and voyage Hongi (Hongi Tochten), and ignore the Treaty of London I include in article 11 contains a provision that the British Resident in Ambon must negotiate before removal koprs Ambon and in agreement with the Governor also stated clearly that if the British government ended up in the Maluku Ambon the soldiers should be released in terms of the right to choose to enter military service out of the new government or military service, but in Pratiknya pemindahn military service is enforced Coming back colonial Dutch in 1817 got a tough challenge from the people.
This is due to political, economic, and social relations are bad for two centuries. Maluku People finally rose up arms under the leadership of Kapitan Pattimura So when the war broke out against the Dutch colonialists in 1817, Kings Patih, the Kapitan, Indigenous Elders and people lifting as leaders and warlords as experienced and possesses sfat knight (kabaressi). As a warlord, Kapitan Pattimura war strategizing with aides.
As a leader he successfully coordinated Patih Kings in carrying out the activities of government, lead people, manage education, providing food and building fortifications. Widely recognized authority in leadership by the king and the duke of ordinary people. In the struggle against the Dutch he also unity to the kingdom of Ternate and Tidore, kings in Bali, Sulawesi and Java. Pattimura a national scale war that the Dutch faced with the power of a large and powerful military to send its own admiral Buykes, one Commissioner General to face Patimura.
Great battles against the Dutch army inland and sea coordinated Kapitan Pattimura penglimanya assisted by, among others Melchior Kesaulya, Anthoni Rebhok, Philip Latumahina and Ulupaha. The battle that destroyed the Dutch troops listed as seizure Duurstede Dutch fort, the battle on the beach Waisisil and jasirah Hatawano, Ouw-Ullath, Jasirah Hitu Ambon and Seram Island South. Pattimura war can only be stopped by pitting politics, deceit and earth scorched by the Dutch. The hero eventually captured and put an end to his service on the gallows on December 16, 1817 in the city of Ambon. For service and sacrifice, the Kapitan Pattimura confirmed as "FREEDOM STRUGGLE HEROES" by the government of the Republic of Indonesia ...... National Hero of Indonesia. Belief in one God infinitely just and civilized humanity unity of Indonesia, democracy guided by the wisdom of representative deliberation wisdom in freedom for all people of Indonesia.
Statue Pattimura
Straighten history Kapitan Ahmad `Pattimura 'Lussy
Muslim leaders are actually named Ahmad Lussy, but he is better known by the identical Mattulessy Thomas Christians. Here's one example of the minor deislamisasi and betrayal on the history of terrorism in Maluku and / or Indonesia in general.
(I told you all (that) I was a big banyan andevery big banyan banyan will fall but others will replace(So) I say unto you (that) I was a rocklarge boulders and any other stones will tumble but willreplace it).
Utterances are full of poetic imagery were spoken by Kapitan Ahmad Lussy or known as Pattimura, hero of the Moluccas. At that time, December 16, 1817, has been entwined rope hanging around his neck. From his remarks, it appears that Ahmad Lussy a patriot with big hearts. He was not afraid of death. Steadfast in character, personality and self-esteem in the face of the enemy. Ahmad Lussy also seemed optimistic. But the courage and patriotism Pattimura was distorted by the government's version of history writing. M Sapija, the first historian to write a book about Pattimura, deciphering speech at the end of death by
"Pattimura-old Pattimura be destroyed, but later Pattimura-Pattimurayoung will rise "
But according to M Nour Tawainella, also a historian, Sapija interpretation is not fit for the color of Indonesian grammar are too modern and different from the cultural context of the time. Elsewhere, Sapija interpret,
"Goodbye brothers", or "Goodbye castings-Castings"
This also refuted Tawainella. Therefore, such talk is not typical Pattimura patriotic and optimistic. The highlight of the controversy about who Pattimura is any mention of the names Ahmad Lussy Thomas Mattulessy, from the name of a Muslim to become a Christian. Amazingly, more people believe in the Christian predicates, because Maluku is often identified with Christianity. that is the history of the debate until now.

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