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Biografi Jendral Ahmad Yani Versi Bahasa Inggris ( Biography of General Ahmad Yani English Version )

Name: Army General Achmad Yani Posthumous
Born: Jenar, Purworejo, June 19, 1922
Died: Jakarta, October 1, 1965
Buried: Kalibata Heroes Cemetery
Religion: Islam
Father: Sarjo bin Suharyo
Mother: Murtini

Formal Education:
- HIS (at S D) Bogor, graduated in 1935
- MULO (at S M P) class B AFD. Bogor, graduated in 1938
- AMS (at S M U) section B AFD. Jakarta, stopped in 1940
Military education:
- Military Education at the Department of Military Topography in Malang
- Education Heiho in Magelang
- Defenders of the Homeland Army (MAP) in Bogor
- Command and General Staff College at Fort Leaven Worth, Kansas, USA, in 1955
- Special Warfare Course in UK, 1956

His last position: Chief Secretary of the Army (Men / Army Commander) since 1962
Medal of Honor:
- Class II RI Stars

GENERAL ANTI COMMUNISTGeneral Achmad Yani known as a soldier who is always at odds with the Communist Party of Indonesia (PKI). While serving Minister / Commander of the Army (Men / Army Commander) or what is now the Chief of Staff of the Army since 1962, he refused the desire to establish a Fifth Force PKI consisting of workers and peasants.
Therefore, the slander that a number of the army has been working with a foreign country to topple President Sukarno, the PKI through September Thirty Movement (G 30 / S) made him one of the targets to be kidnapped and killed in seven other Army officials.
The events that occurred on October 1, 1965 morning was finally killed six of the seven officers of the Army High previously planned PKI. Crocodile Hole, the location where the well where to hide the bodies of the Pahlwawan Revolution was a silent witness to the cruelty communist.
General who is very close to the President, this is one of the right hand and trust the Proclaimers. He was very much in love and devoted to the Bung Karno. Because of the love and loyalty, he even once said, "Who would dare step on the shadow of Bung Karno, must first step over my dead body." In fact there is the issue of sound, that Achmad Yani has been prepared by the Bung Karno as his successor as president. But he was so close to the first President of Indonesia's Achmad Yani Nasakom disagree with the concept of Sukarno. Issues and principles that ultimately make PKI more hate against him.
Achmad Yani was born in Jenar, Purworejo on June 19, 1922, was the son of Sarjo bin Suharyo (father), and Murtini (mother). Begin a formal education in his (primary school level) Bogor, which was completed in 1935. Then he went to school MULO (First Medium School level) class B AFD. Bogor. From there he graduated in 1938, then he went to AMS (High School level) section B AFD. Jakarta. This school lived only until grade two, in connection with the militia that was announced by the Government of the Dutch East Indies.
He then followed the military education at the Department of Military Topography in Malang and more intensively again in Bogor. From there he began his military career with the rank of Sergeant. Then after 1942, ie after the Japanese occupation of Indonesia, he also attended Heiho in Magelang and then entered the army Defenders of the Homeland (MAP) in Bogor.
Various achievements have ever achieved in the war for independence, among others managed to disarm the Japanese in Magelang. After the People's Security Army (TKR) was formed, he was appointed Commander of TKR Navan. Furthermore, his military career was the faster uphill.
Other accomplishments achieved when the first Dutch military aggression occurs. His forces operating in the area Pingit successfully resisted Dutch attack in the area. So when the second Dutch military aggression occurred, he held the position as commander entrusted Wehrkreise II, which covers the area of ​​defense Kedu.
After Indonesia gained recognition of sovereignty, he was assigned to destroy DI / TII (Darul Islam / Islamic Army of Indonesia) are wreaking havoc in Central Java. When it established the Banteng Raiders were given special training. As a result, troops DI / TII also successfully ditumpasnya.
After crushing DI / TII, he was drawn to the Army Staff. In 1955, he was schooled at the Command and General Staff College at Fort Leaven Worth, Kansas, USA for nine months. And in 1956, he also attended for two months at the Special Warfare Course in England.
In 1958 when PRRI rebellion occurred in West Sumatra, Ahmad Yani who was promoted to the rank of Colonel Commander Operations August 17, to lead the insurgency PRRI. He also managed to quell the uprising. Since then his name even more brilliant. Until the year 1962, the time he held the rank of Lieutenant-General appointed Men / replace Army Commander General AH Nasution, who was elevated to the Coordinating Minister for Defense and Security / Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces (Minister of Defence / Kasab).
During his Men / Army Commander that unfortunate events happen. General who famously anti the communist doctrine on October 1, 1965 at 4:35 pm, when the dawn, was abducted and shot by the PKI in front of her bedroom and into the autumn. In search led by Suharto (former President) who was then still serving as Kostrad, her body was found buried in the Crocodile Hole in one old well along with six other bodies. Achmad Yani body was buried at the Heroes Cemetery, he died as a hero of the Revolution. Previously promoted Lieutenant-General raised one level as a tribute to General.
He was killed for defending the sanctity of Elementary and Philosophy of the State, Pancasila, the communists diverted want to try. To commemorate the heroes, then at Crocodile Hole, near the old well where the body was found, built monument with statues of the seven heroes backdrop that six officers Revolution Height: Jend. Posthumous TNI Achmad Yani, Lieutenant. Posthumous TNI Suprapto, Lieutenant. Posthumous S.Parman military, Lieutenant. Posthumous TNI M.T. Haryono, Major General. Posthumous TNI D.I. Panjaitan, Major General. Posthumous TNI Sutoyo S, and plus one First Officer Captain Pierre Tendean Czi military posthumously. Miracle Tugu monument called Pancasila.
October 1, 1965 event then has delivered an order in the post-independence history of this republic. Order which was then known as the New Order was set on October 1 each year as well as Pancasila Miracle Day as a national holiday. Determination was based on events that occurred on the day and the month, there have been an undermining efforts Pancasila, but failed.
Later, after the fall of the new order and the order was replaced by the so-called Reform Order, the anniversary of Pancasila's Miracle seems to be forgotten. Proven October 1 is no longer designated as a national holiday as before.
In a speech Bung Karno known as "Jasmerah" father of the nation was called so that you should never forget history. More explicitly mentioned, that great nation is a nation that remembers and appreciates its history. Should that's contained in this nation, especially its leaders.

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