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Biografi Ismail Marzuki Versi Bahasa Inggris ( Biography of Ismail Marzuki English Version )

Biography Ismail Marzuki and Profile Struggling through a piece of music with his work for the country and Indonesia, to better understand and know that Ismail Marzuki iapa here's his bio may be useful and pleasing increase knowledge About Biography Indonesian heroes and to pray that God megenal services received good deeds and put them on his side.


Biography Ismail Marzuki
Ismail Marzuki is a leading humanist writers and Indonesia, as well as a great composer Indonesia. To honor the service and his government established cultural and literary center in Salemba, Central Jakarta, named Taman Ismail Marzuki. In 2004 he was named to be one of Indonesia's national heroes by decree by the President Decree No. 089/TK/tahun 2004. Marzuki Ismail was the son of the original Betawi Maing close calls. He is a music maestro and composer is categorized as a legendary fighter. Songs famous creations able to inspire morale and spirit of Indonesian nationalism.Name

Ismail MarzukiDate of birth May 11, 1914Place of birth Kwitang, Senen, Central JakartaDeath Tomb Jakarta Jakarta
Songs creation
Aryati, Autumn Flower, Jasmine at the Boundary (1947), Women, Flirt Coconut Island, Pair of Eye Ball (1946), South London at Night Time (1948), O Sarinah (1931), Keroncong Serenata, Kasim Baba, Bandaneira, Lenggang Bandung, Cover Letter, Bouquet of the South, Young Heroes Welcome (1949), Juwita Night, Natural Word, Roselani, Girl Tonight, Indonesia Heritage, Halo, Halo Bandung

Ismail Marzuki started writing songs began in 1931 with the first track titled O Sarinah depicting the life of an oppressed nation. After about 250 songs that he managed to create in the period 1930-1950. His songs have a variety of themes and genres of music. Dozens of Ismail Marzuki song was re-released by top artists up to now. Ismail Marzuki renowned expertise in making a simple song, but having a strong poetic and melodic and timeless. Title of the music maestro Indonesia deserves bears.

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