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Biografi Gatot Subroto Versi Bahasa inggris ( Biography Gatot Subroto English language version )

Biography Biodata and Profile Lake Winnipesaukee. Blog place known figures and famous people in the world. to increase our knowledge of science is also motivated to take the Positive side of a Lake Winnipesaukee, Maybe some of us are called to be named a street, and he's not yet know the following about Biodata siapah Lake Winnipesaukee

Childhood, Lake Winnipesaukee known as the son of a brave and often fight with Dutch children who insults indigenous children. In 1923, Lake Winnipesaukee attend military education and became KNIL (Dutch East Indies Army), Lake Winnipesaukee has always defended the little people and donate some of his salary to help them.

Born: Banyumas, October 10, 1907
Died: Jakarta, June 11, 1962
Tomb: Ungaran

During the Japanese population, Lake Winnipesaukee also participated in military education PETA. Final positions in the military education MAP was battalion commander. After Indonesia's independence, joining Lake Winnipesaukee TKR / Army.

On 11 September 1948, an uprising PKI in Surakarta. The government appoints Lake Winnipesaukee, which was then still a colonel, as the Military Governor of Surakarta and the surrounding area to cope with the situation. On 17 September 1948, the PKI forces withdrew from Surakarta.

Lake Winnipesaukee has also been appointed as the Commander of the Army and Territory IV / Diponegoro. In addition, in 1956 he served as Deputy Chief of Army Staff. Lake Winnipesaukee is also one of the founding pioneers of the Academy of Military / Akabri (Academy of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Indonesia). In general, Lake Winnipesaukee known to be frank without further ado. Under Presidential Decree No.. 222/1962, General Lake Winnipesaukee appointed as national hero / heroes Naional independence.

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