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Object Jakarta City Tour (OBYEK WISATA DI JAKARTA)

Object Jakarta City Tour
1. Ragunan
2. Monas
3. Elephant Museum
5. Ancol
6. Museum Fatahillah
7. Puppet Museum
8. Thousand Islands
9. Textile Museum
10.Museum Youth Pledge
11.Museum Marine
12.Gedung Joang 45
13.Museum Bank Mandiri
14.Museum Bank Indonesia
Mohammad Hoesni Thamri
16.Museum Fine Arts and Ceramics
Parks Inscription
18.Masjid Istiqlal
19.Kampung China
20.Setu Babakan 

Ragunan Zoo

Ragunan Zoo is a zoo located in the area Ragunan, Sunday Market, South Jakarta, Indonesia. An area of ​​140 hectare zoo was founded in 1864. In it, there are various collection consisting of 295 species and 4040 specimens. Ragunan was closed for about three weeks since 19 September 2005 because of the animals in which there are infected with bird flu, but reopened on October 11 until now.

 National Monument (Monas)

Monument or Monas is a monument as high as 132 meters (433 feet) which was established to commemorate the resistance and the struggle of the people of Indonesia to win independence from the colonial Dutch East Indies. This monument was crowned flame-coated gold leaf that symbolizes the spirit of struggle burning. The National Monument is located right in the middle of Medan Merdeka Square, Central Jakarta. Monuments and museums are open every day starting at 08:00 to 15:00 West Indonesia Time. On Monday last week of every month is closed to the public.Sponsored Links


National Museum of the Republic of Indonesia or the Elephant Museum, is a museum located in central Jakarta and precisely at Jalan Merdeka Barat 12 [2]. Elephant Museum collects many ancient objects of the archipelago. Among other things belonging to the collection is the ancient statues, inscriptions, ancient objects and other craft items. The collection is categorized into the ethnography, bronze, prehistoric, ceramics, textiles, numismatic, historical relics and valuables 


Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) is a cultural theme park attractions in East Jakarta Indonesia. An area of ​​approximately 250 square kilometers is located at coordinates 6 ° 18? 6.8? LS, 106 ° 53? 47.2? BT. This park is a summary of the national culture of Indonesia, which covers various aspects of daily life of people 26 provinces of Indonesia (in 1975) is displayed in the pavilion area of ​​traditional architecture, seta featuring various fashions, dances and traditions of the region. In addition, in the middle of TMII, there is a lake which depict miniature archipelago of Indonesia in its center, cable car, various museums, and the IMAX Theatre and the Theatre Keong Mas my homeland), a variety of recreational facilities makes TMIII as one of the leading tourist areas in the capital city ​​of Jakarta.

 Ancol Dreamland

This attraction is located in North Jakarta. Many of the various attractions located in Ancol, among others:

1. Beaches and Parks Acnol are amusement rides that offer freshness of the beach for all people and ages. Beaches and Parks has 5 beach (Beach Festival, Beautiful, Elegant, Ria and Carnival Beach Club) and Dream Lake, along approximately 5 km, with a promenade along the 4 km.

2. Ancol Fantasy World, which opened to the public on August 29, 1986, and popular with the title Dufan, is the first theme park developed by Ancol. Dufan is the largest outdoor entertainment center in Indonesia that pamper visitors with Fantasy Around the World, through a variety of rides games high-tech content, which is divided into eight areas, namely: Indonesia, Jakarta, Asia, Europe, America, Greece, and Balada Kera Tale.

3. Atlantis Water Adventure (AWA) is a second theme park developed by Ancol and stands on an area of ​​5 hectares. AWA is the result of the revitalization of Park Recreation Centre Ancol Water Arena which will give visitors an adventure water attractions with 8 main pool, namely: Poseidon, Antilles, Plaza Atlas, Aquarius, Octopus, Atlantean, and Kiddy Pool.

4. Ancol Ocean Arena ("Ocean") is the third theme park developed by Anco. Ocean is an edutainment theme park nuanced nature conservation which gives to the visitor experience to know better and loving creatures, including dolphins, white whales, seals, etc.

5. Sea World is the first underwater aquarium and the only one in Indonesia, with an area of ​​2 hectares (managed by BOT format).

6. Mermaid Cottages Lodging Ancol beach cottages form a unique style with 133 rooms has a variety of specialized facilities, such as: function room, meeting room and a beach party location. Mermaid also offers sports facilities, such as a swimming pool, table tennis, bicycles, tennis courts, beach volleyball and lapanan. Ancol Mermaid artistic architecture with a thick blend of style and romance posmo Eastern Indonesia, arranged in harmony with the coastal environment to create a tasteful and exotic atmosphere.

7. Golf nuanced Ancol beach in the middle of the tourist area which has 18 holes with a unique design field. Strategically located and easily accessible from all parts of Jakarta.

8. Marina Wharf cruise ship (speed boat and yacht) cosmopolitan style of the first and most comprehensive in Indonesia, designed to cruise ship berths of various sizes. Marina also serves as a center for sea sports, water skiing, wind surfing, diving, sailing, harbor cruises and to get to the Thousand Islands. Marina is equipped with fasilitias dock, marine band, gas stations, docks loading and unloading, travel agents and
nautical sports.
9. Ancol Art Market - a center of arts and crafts activities that provide inspiration and insight for art lovers and collectors. Art market is a concrete manifestation Ancol concern over the viability of talented artists. Art Market also features an exhibition gallery (North Art Space / NAS), Souvenir Shop, Plaza and the Performing Arts Stage.

10. Ancol An Angel Island to the middle island in the Thousand Islands that can be taken within 20 minutes from the Marina. Angel Island has 49 cottages consisting of 23 units of deluxe type, 20 types of family units, three units of the type of family suites, and 3 units of the type of suite and has a gym, two multi-purpose hall, restaurant, bar and souvenir shop. A unique attraction, which rides along swim with dolphins (swimming with the dolphin), can be enjoyed at Angel Island.

11. Hailai Executive - Club Hailai an international executive club equipped with a restaurant that provides a 3,000-seat, sports facilities and entertainment. Hailai managed by PT Philindo Sporting Amusement and Tourism Corporation in collaboration with PT Sarana Ria.12. Hanging Train Gondola (Sky lift) is a cable car that connects the sights with one another in Ancol area which extends along approximately 2.4 miles from Beach Festival to AWA parking area. Ancol gondola gondola has 37 units with a capacity of six people per gondola and three station stops. The gondola is a business unit Ancol Ancol in cooperation with PT Surya Karsa Indonesia (KSI). Bowling bowling sports facilities of international standard with 60 tracks

Museum Fatahillah

Fatahillah Museum, also known as the Jakarta History Museum or the Museum of Batavia is a museum which is located at Jalan Taman Fatahillah No.. 2, West Jakarta with an area of ​​more than 1,300 square meters.Objects that can be found in this museum, among others, the history of Jakarta, replicas and relics of the Tarumanegara Pajajaran, results of archaeological excavations in Jakarta, antique furniture from the 17th century to 19, which is a blend of European style, People's Republic of China, and Indonesia. There are also ceramics, pottery, and stone inscriptions. These collections are located in various rooms, such as Jakarta Prehistoric Room, Room Tarumanegara, White Rose Room, Room Fatahillah, Sultan Agung Room, and Room MH Thamrin.There are also various collections of Betawi culture, numismatic, and pedicabs. Even now also placed statue of the god Hermes (according to Greek mythology, the god of luck and protection for the merchants), which was located at the intersection of Harmony and cannon robust Si is considered to have magical powers. In addition, the Museum Fatahillah also a former dungeon which was once used in the Dutch colonial era.


 Puppet Museum is a museum located in the Great North Road Door No. 27, West Jakarta. Puppet Museum displaying various types and forms of puppets from all over Indonesia, both made of wood and leather and other materials. Puppets from abroad are also here, for example from the People's Republic of China and Cambodia. Until now the Puppet Museum collects more than 4,000 pieces of puppets, made up of leather puppets, puppet show, shadow boxes, shadow grass, leaf puppets, masks, dolls, puppets and gamelan beber. Generally collectible dolls in this museum are dolls that come from Europe although some are derived from several non-European countries such as Thailand, Suriname, China, Vietnam, India and Colombia


Thousand Islands District Administration is an administrative district in the City of Jakarta, Indonesia. Its territory includes the cluster of islands in the Bay of Jakarta. Thousand Islands Marine National Park is set to be Minister of Forestry Decree No. and No. 162/Kpts-II/1995. 6310/Kpts-II/2002 which is managed by the Center for the Thousand Islands Marine National Park, Department of Forestry. The total area of ​​107,489 hectares with approximately 44 islands belonging to the national park. The islands are located in the Thousand Islands National Park is an ideal place for snorkeling, swimming, or diving. Thousand Islands had designated the island as an island nature reserve such as P. Hair and P. Onrust island designated as a cultural heritage


Textile Museum occupies the old building at Jalan K.S. Tubun / Petamburan No. 4 Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta. The building itself was originally the private home of a French citizen who built in the 19th century. Subsequently purchased by the Turkish consul named Abdul Aziz Al Katiri Almussawi who settled in Indonesia. Subsequently in 1942 was sold to Dr. Karel Christian Cruq.In the struggle for Indonesian independence, this building became the headquarters of People's Security Front (BKR) in 1947 and inhabited by Lie Sion Pin. In 1952 and purchased by the Ministry of Social Affairs on October 25, 1975 submitted to the Government of DKI Jakarta that for later on June 28, 1976 inaugurated its use by Madame Tien Soeharto as the Textile Museum.


Youth Pledge Museum is a museum of history of the struggle for independence of the Republic of Indonesia is located in Jalan Raya No. Kramat. 106, Central Jakarta and is managed by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Republic of Indonesia. The museum was opened to the public, every Tuesday through Friday from 08:00 until 15:00 pm. For Saturday and Sunday open from at 08:00 to 14:00 pm. While every Monday and national holidays, the museum is closed to the public.This museum has a collection of photographs and objects relating to the history of the Youth Pledge of 1928, as well as the activities of the national movement of youth in Indonesia. Youth Pledge Museum was founded by the Decree of the Governor of Jakarta in 1972 and became the object of national cultural heritage.

 Maritime Museum 

Maritime Museum is a museum that holds collections relating to maritime and kenelayanan nation of Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke, located across from the Port of Palm Sunda. Museum is one of eight museums that are under the supervision of the Office of the Provincial Museum of Culture Jakarta Special Capital Region.The collection is stored consists of various types of traditional boats with a variety of shapes, styles and ornaments, until the time of the VOC ship. There are also a variety of models and miniature modern vessels and equipment supporting shipping activities. Also the equipment used by sailors in the past such as navigation tools, anchors, binoculars, a model lighthouse and cannon.Maritime Museum also displays a collection of marine life, the data type and distribution of fish in the waters of Indonesia and various equipment as well as stories and songs of traditional fishing communities of the archipelago. The museum also displays the dimension of the Navy, a collection of cartography, mockups Onrust Island, maritime figures archipelago and boat trips KPM Batavia - Amsterdam.

BUILDING Joang 45 

Building Museum Joang '45 or '45 is one of the museums in Jakarta. Currently management implemented by the Department of Culture and Museum of Jakarta. The museum is located at Jalan Menteng 31, Village Kebon Sirih, District of Menteng, Central Jakarta. The museum was inaugurated in 1974 by President Soeharto, after being renovated.This can be seen in the museum traces the struggle of independence of Indonesia with a collection of relics of the warrior Indonesia. Among these are the official car of President and First Vice President who is known by car REP 1 and REP 2, and Car Bombing Incident in Cikini. In addition there is also a collection of photos of the documentation and paintings that depict the struggle around the year 1945-1950's. Some figures appear also in the form of struggle statues chest.


Bank Mandiri Museum is located at Jl. Station No. field. 1, West Jakarta and is one part of the cultural heritage in the Old City of Jakarta. The museum collection consists of various collections related to banking activities "old days" and its development, a collection ranging from equipment owned bank operations, securities, currencies ancient (numismatic), brandkast, and others.Collection of operational equipment bank "old days" is unique, among others, lockbox, mechanical cash register, calculator, bookkeeping machines, printing machines, press tools bundle, seal press, safe deposit boxes and various securities such as deposit, deposit sertikat , checks, bonds, and stocks. In addition, the ornamentation of buildings, interiors and furniture Musuem is still original as when it was founded.


Bank Indonesia Museum is a museum in Jakarta, Indonesia which is located on Jl. Great Northern Door # 3, West Jakarta (the next station Beos City), with buildings occupying an area of ​​former City Bank Indonesia which is the heritage of cultural heritage wing de Javasche Bank neo-classical style, combined with local influence, and was first constructed in 1828 .This museum presents the information role of Bank Indonesia in the course of history of which began before the arrival of the west of the archipelago until the formation in 1953 of Bank Indonesia and Bank Indonesia's policies, including also the background and the impact of Bank Indonesia policy for the community until 2005. Presentation is packaged in such a way to utilize modern technology and multi media, such as electronic displays, static panel, plasma televisions, and thus creating on the scent enjoy the convenience of visitors in the Museum of Bank Indonesia. In addition there is also a fact and a collection of historic objects in the period before the establishment of Bank Indonesia, as in the kingdoms of the archipelago, which include money numismatic collection is displayed as well as attractive.


ThamrinMohammad Hoesni Thamrin Building is a historical museum of the Republic of Indonesia's independence struggle in Jalan Kenari No. II. 15, Central Jakarta. This museum has a collection of photo reproduction, radio and belongings, as well as the literature on gait struggle Mohammad Hoesni Thamrin in the Indonesian nationalist movement.Muhammad was the son wedana Hoesni Thamrin Thamrin Tabri who had worked in the office kepatihan Batavia and became member of the Volksraad (People's Council). Because the struggle to defend the people, he was arrested by the Dutch government and under house arrest until his death on January 11, 1941.


Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics is located at No 2 Jalan Pos Kota, West Jakarta Municipality, Province of DKI Jakarta, Indonesia. Museum is located exactly opposite the Jakarta History Museum is displaying a local ceramics from various regions in the country, from the era of the Majapahit Empire to the 14th century, and from various countries around the world.

Museum Parks Inscription

Inscription Museum is a museum of cultural relics of the Dutch colonial located at Jalan Tanah Abang No. 1, Central Jakarta. This museum has a collection of ancient stone inscriptions as well as miniature tombs typical of the 27 provinces in Indonesia, along with a collection of antique hearse. Museum of 1.2 ha is an open museum that displays works of art from the past about the sophistication of the sculptor, sculptor, calligrapher and poet who fused.In this museum collected various inscriptions from the Dutch era and earlier, and the tomb of several prominent Dutch, British and Dutch East Indies Indonesia or the like:• A.V. Michiels (Dutch military figures in the war Buleleng)• Dr. H.F. Roll (Founder STOVIA or the School of Medicine at the time of occupation of the Netherlands)• J.H.R. Kohler (Dutch military leaders on the war in Aceh)• Olivia Marianne Raffles (wife of Thomas Stamford Raffles, the former governor of the Dutch East Indies and Singapore)• Jas Kapitan, his tomb is believed some people can give fertility, safety, prosperity and happiness.• Miss Riboet, opera character in the 1930's• Soe Hok Gie, an activist in the student movement of the 1960s

Masjid Istiqlal

This is Indonesia country berazaskan "Unity in Diversity" is different even though we remain one .. klo is also a reflection of this country states that most tinngi tolerant religion in the world, this country has always been associated by some people and countries who form opinions Quote Indonesia countries that are less uphold religious tolerance. state in position by other countries out there Quote this country a terrorist state that is very cruel, if other people live in this country long enough to know their new Quote this country is the country's most uphold the high principles of religious tolerance.Since the number of Islamic religious sects in this country sometimes people outside Islam can not distinguish which people who do act. Quote denounce it they always act all Muslims .. and sometimes created the impression that Islam is scary handyman Quote kill members of other faiths.Should we turn back the historical development of Islamic religion in this country, the coming of Islam religion in the country in i peacefully without any bloodshed. that should make us remember, do not mix religion and politics mix when we think that all will be vague presumptions that eventually gave birth to a wrong presumption.We take the example Quote this country a harmonious state.In 1953 some of the scholars had the idea to set up a magnificent mosque that will be the pride of the citizens of Jakarta as the capital and also the people of Indonesia as a whole. They are the KH. Wahid Hashim, the first Minister of Religious Affairs, who threw the idea of ​​building the mosque together with H. Agus Salim, Anwar Tjokroaminoto and Ir. Sofwan its approximately 200-person leadership of the Islamic leaders KH. Taufiqorrahman. The idea was later realized by forming the Istiqlal Mosque Foundation.On December 7, 1954 Istiqlal mosque foundation was established, chaired by H. Tjokroaminoto to realize the idea of ​​the national mosque. Building Deca Park at Merdeka Square (now Jalan Medan Merdeka Park North at the National Museum), a silent witness of the formation of the Istiqlal Mosque Foundation. Istiqlal name is taken from the Arabic for Freedom as a symbol of gratitude for the Indonesian people for independence given by Allah SAW. The first President Sukarno of Indonesia welcomed the idea and support the establishment of foundations Istiqlal mosque and later formed the Istiqlal Mosque Development Committee (PPMI).Siting the Istiqlal MosqueDetermination of the location of the mosque could lead to a debate between the Bung Karno and Bung Hatta who was then serving as Vice President. Bung Karno proposed location on the former Dutch fort Frederick Hendrik with Wilhelmina Park was built by Governor General Van Den Bosch in 1834 is located between Jalan officer, Buffalo Field Road, Cathedral Road and Veterans Road. While the proposed location of Bung Hatta mosque situated in the midst of his people, on Jalan Thamrin which was then surrounded by many nearby villages, but that he also considered the demolition of the Dutch fort will take no small amount of funds. But President Soekarno eventually decided to build on the land the former Dutch fort, because the church has stood across from the Cathedral in order to show the harmony and the harmony of religious life in Indonesia.Istiqlal Mosque Design CompetitionA year earlier, Ir. Sukarno undertakes to assist the construction of mosques, and even led his own judging contest mosque design mockups. After several hearings, at the Presidential Palace and the Bogor Palace, a jury consisting of Prof.. Ir. Rooseno, Ir. H. Djuanda, Prof. Ir. Suwardi, Hamka, H. Abubakar Aceh, and Oemar Hussein Amin.In 1955 the Istiqlal Mosque Development Committee held a design contest or architectural drawings Istiqlal mosque that his jury was chaired by President Sukarno with gifts of money amounting to Rp. 75,000; and weighing 75 grams of pure gold. A total of 27 participants join the competition, but from all the participants only 5 participants who meet the following requirements:

1. F. Silaban the design of "Belief"
2. R. Oetoyo by design "Istighfar"
3. Hans Groenewegen by design "Greetings"
4. ITB students (5 persons) design "Ilham 5"
5. ITB Students (3 people) design "Chatulistiwa"After a long judging process by studying architectural design and its meaning contained therein based on the ideas of the participants then finally on July 5, 1955 by order of President Sukarno decided to design the draft with the title of "Belief" by Frederich Silaban selected as the winner as a model of the Istiqlal Mosque.Istiqlal Mosque Architect Christian ReligionFrederich Silaban is a Christian-born architect Bonandolok Sumatra, December 16, 1912, son of Jonas Silaban couple Nariaboru. He is one of the best graduates from the Academie van Amsterdam Bouwkunst 1950. besides making the Istiqlal mosque design he also designed the Senayan Sports Arena complex.To refine the design of Istiqlal mosque F. Silaban learn the rules of procedure and Muslims prayed and prayed for about 3 months and in addition he also learned a lot of literature about the mosques in the world.Early Development of the Istiqlal MosqueAt about 1950 until the end of the 1960s in front of the Wilhelmina Park Square Banteng known quiet, dark, dirty and unkempt. Walls of the fort Frederik Hendrik former buildings in the park filled with moss and thatch grass everywhere. Then in 1960, in the same place, thousands of people who come from all walks of ordinary people, civil servants, private, ecclesiastic and military work to clean unkempt gardens in the former colonial fort that.A year later, on August 24, 1961, still in the same month celebration of the independence of Indonesia, became the most historic date for the people, especially Muslims in Jakarta, and Indonesia generally. For the first time, in the former park, city of Jakarta has a large mosque. A mosque is meant as a symbol of independence for the Indonesian nation. Equivalent he said in Arabic means independence and agreed to be named Istiqlal, Istiqlal Mosque its name.The date coincides with the commemoration of the Birth of the Prophet Muhammad, was chosen as the moment of the first pole erection by the first President of Indonesia, Ir. Soekarno who was immediately acted as Head of Engineering.The length of the Istiqlal Mosque Development ProcessAlong with the domestic political climate heats up enough, the ambitious project was halting its construction, because it coincided with the construction of other monuments such as Gelora Senayan, National Monument, and various other lighthouse projects. Until the mid '60s disturbed Istiqlal Mosque project completion. Peak when the erupted event G 30 S / PKI year '65-'66, the construction of the Istiqlal Mosque even stopped altogether.Only when the Islamic Cultural Association of Artists miladnya which commemorates the 20th, a number of leaders, scholars and state officials moved to continue the development of the Istiqlal Mosque. Spearheaded by the Ministry of Religious KH. M. Dahlan fundraising efforts intensified to realize the physical mosque again. President Sukarno, the prestige in the eyes of the community began to wear off, its place in the management was replaced by KH. Idham Chalied which acts as the coordinator of the national committee a new Istiqlal Mosque. Through the stewardship of a new, modern style with the architecture of the mosque was completed well construction.Original construction of the mosque direncanakn will take as long as 45 years but its implementation was much faster. The main building can be completed within six years, exactly on the date of August 31, 1967 can already be used is marked by the first berkumandangnya Maghrib prayer.Overall Istiqlal mosque completed within a period of 17 years. Opening made by the president Soeharto on February 22, 1978. Period of development has gone through two periods of the leadership of the Old Order and New Order. Funding the construction of this mosque in the Old Order Mandate is realized through the project while in the New Order became part of the Project Repelita (Five Year Development Plan). Istiqlal mosque now stands majestically in the capital city of Jakarta and become the pride of the whole people of Indonesia.


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