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History of theKingdom Banten (Sejarah Kerajaan Banten Versi bahasa inggris)

History of theKingdom Banten

BantenAgeng Tirtayasa Sultanate of Banten
Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa
(Bantam, 1631 to 1692) was the son of Sultan Abu al-Ahmad, who
became sultan Banten period1640 Ma'ali-1650. As a child, he holds a Prince Surya. When his father died, he was appointed young Sultan who holds Prince Queen or Prince Dipati. After his grandfather died, he was appointed sultan with the title Fathi Abdul Sultan Abdul Fattah. Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa name originated when he established a new palace in the village Tirtayasa (county located Attack). He was buried in the Mosque of Banten.

History of Struggle
Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa
In Sultanate ruling Banten in period1651-1682. He led a lot of resistance against the Dutch. Period,
adverse trade monopoly, the VOC implement trade agreements with sultanate banten. Then Tirtayasa reject this agreement and make the harbor open.when Banten, the Sultan of  Banten Ageng Tirtayasa wants to realize as the Islamic empire bigges.In economic, Tirtayasa trying to improve the welfare of the people with open field new fields and develop irrigation. In the religious field, he raised SyekhYusuf as the mufti of the kingdom and advisory sultan.When a dispute between his two sons, Sultan Haji and prince Purbaya, the Netherlands intervened in alliance with the Sultan to get rid of the Sultan Haji Ageng Tirtayasa. When the besieging army of Sultan Haji Tirtayasa in Sorosowan (Banten), Sultan Haji help dutch by sending troops led by Kapten Tack and de Saint Martin.

The genealogy of Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa
. Ageng Tirtayasa @ Sultan Sultan 'Abdul Fattah Abdul bin
.Sultan Fathi Abul Abul Ma'ali bin
.Sultan Mafakhir bin.Sultan Nashruddin bin
.Sultan Maulana Maulana Muhammad Yusuf Maulana Hasanuddin bin
.Sultan bin
.Sultan Sharif Hidayatullah @ Sunan Gunung JatiCirebon
Sultanate of Banten
Sultanate of Banten
Demak  when sultanate begins to expand its influence into the western region. In year1524/1525, Sunan Gunung Jati with Demak troops seized the port of  banten of the kingdom Sundanese, and founded the Sultanate of Banten affiliated to Demak. According to Portuguese sources, before Banten is one other than the port of the kingdom sund helter, Cigede, Tamgara (Tangerang), Sundanese and Cimanuk.

Children of Sunan Gunung Jati (Hasanudin) married a daughter of SultanTrenggono and gave birth to two children. The first child named Maulana Yusuf. While the second son is married to the son of Queen Kali Nyamat and
Lord of Jepara became a power struggle after Maulana Yusuf's death (1570). Jepara feel powerful Prince of the Kingdom of Banten than children named Maulana Yusuf Maulana Muhammad MaulanaMuhammad because still too young. Eventually invade the kingdom of Banten Kingdom of Jepara. The war was won by the Kingdom of Banten because assisted by the clergy.

Banten kingdom reached its peak during the reign of Abu FatahAbdulfatah or better known as namaSultan Ageng Tirtayasa. At that port Banten has become an international port so that the economy forward Banten
rapidly growing.territory include the rest of the Sunda kingdom that is not captured Mataram and sultanate and the region is now a province of Lampung. Bojong Charter indicates that the years 1500 to 1800 Masehi Lampung controlled by the sultanate of Banten.

The reign of Sultan Haji
In the reign of Sultan Haji, on March 12, 1682, Lampung region submitted for Sultan Haji stated in a letter to Major Issac de Saint Martin, Admiral in the VOC ship was docked in Banten Batavia. The letter was later confirmed by a letter agreement dated August 22, 1682
that makes the VOC obtained the right monopoly of pepper trade in Lampung

Elimination of the sultanate
Tahun1813 Banten sultanate abolished by the British colonial government. In that year, Sultan Mohammed Syafiuddin
stripped and forced to abdicate the throne by Thomas StamfordRaffles. This tragedy became the climax of destruction Surasowan by Generals of the Netherlands, Herman William Daendels tahun1808.

List of leaders of the Sultanate of Banten
•Sunan Gunung Jati
•Maulana Sultan Hasanudin1552-1570
•Maulana Yusuf 1570 - 1580
•Maulana Muhammad1585-1590
•Sultan Mahmud Abdul Kadir Abdul Mufahir 1605-1640
(Awarded the title of the padatahun 1048 H (1638) by Sharif Zayd, Sharif of Mecca at that time)
 •Sultan Abu al-Ma'ali Ahmad1640 -1650
•Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa1651-1680
•Sultan Abdul Kahar (Sultan Haji) 1683-1687
•Abdul Fadl / Sultan Yahya (1687-1690)
•Abul Mahasin Zainul Abidin (1690-1733)
•Muhammad Zainul Al Shifa / Sultan Arifin (1750-1752)
•Muhammad Wasi Zainifin (1733-1750)
•Syarifuddin Artu Wakilul Alimin (1752-1753)
•Asyikin Zainul Mohammed Arif (1753-1773)
•Muhammad Abul Mafakir Aliyuddin (1773-1799)
•Muhyiddin Zainush Sholihin (1799-1801)
•Ishaq Muhammad Zainul Muttaqin (1801-1802)
•Deputy Prince Natawijaya (1802-1803)
•Aliyuddin II (1803-1808)
•Deputy Prince Suramanggala (1808-1809)
•Syafiuddin Muhammad (1809-1813)
•Muhammad Rafiuddin (1813-1820)

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